About us

Our work is our passion
Plazma Studio is a developer and publisher of mobile games, which is part of the large company Plazma Limited.
Our main office is located on the sunny island of Malta, and the main branch is located in the beautiful city of Kharkov, Ukraine.


The idea to start a casual game development company was born in 2018. That’s when we started working on our first project.

After the release of Fun Story: Play & Relax, we set about developing the next game, diversifying everyone’s favorite match-3 genre with an interesting storyline and addictive gameplay.
The success of the first two projects motivated us to go further and continue to create games that captivate players around the world.

To date, three projects of the company have been implemented on online platforms: Fun Story: Play & Relax, Matchland: Build A Theme Park, and Match Cruise: match3 adventure.

In addition, several projects are under development at the soft launch stage, and several are scheduled to start in the first decade of 2023.

The management of the company is carried out by a citizen of Ukraine, Solopko Oksana

Our team

Our principles

Plazma Studio combines individual freedom and agency synergy. Striving to give our customers the best, we join forces, work closely together, put our heart and soul into our work, and the results speak for themselves.


This is an opportunity to raise the bar for mobile gaming so that users from all over the world can enjoy barrier-free gaming.


The company, team and users are a single entity, thanks to which we can be the best in what we do.


We trust the decisions made by our employees because their values ​​align with the values ​​of the company.


Working in a team of professionals gives each employee the opportunity to grow in their skills and improve existing skills.

A responsibility

We are responsible for the decisions we make, because we understand the degree of our significance in the overall result of the work of the whole team.


Working in our team is cozy and comfortable, because you can achieve high results doing what you love with enthusiasm and drive.